Say Goodbye to Wisdom Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is one of the most painful things, particularly when the affected one is wisdom tooth. Nonetheless, not every person on Earth has a similar experience and a few of us may never know how insufferable it is.

For the individuals who are genuinely worried about it, wisdom tooth pain is claimed to be a sign of revolution that humans developed to adjust to their past diet. After the cooking techniques and things, for example, knives or forks, showed up, there is no need for wisdom tooth any more.

Ordinarily, wisdom tooth must be extracted keeping more serious consequences in mind, for example, bacterial or viral infections.

In spite of the fact that the pain is serious and you frequently turn to medicinal treatment, you can also utilize a few home remedies to treat wisdom tooth pain.

Following are top 6 easy home remedies for wisdom tooth pain that can be useful to reduce your pain.


For long, clove has remained a conventional home remedy for wisdom tooth pain in different parts of the world. In addition to the fact that it is viable for wisdom teeth, yet it likewise works for different kinds of pain. It is satisfactory to utilize clove oil or crude clove. You simply need to just place it in the mouth so that its juice covers your wisdom teeth. In case of clove oil, it should to be applied to the infected teeth to reduce the pain.


The most well known use of peppermint in oral medications may be for bad breath and sore throat. In any case, you ought to know that it is another remedy for wisdom tooth pain too. Its antibacterial and calming characteristics are sufficient to take away the danger of potential infections.

The peppermint leaves can be crushed in the mouth directly to reduce pain. In case of peppermint extract, you can soak a cotton bud in the liquid and apply it to your wisdom teeth in order to reduce the pain.


When nothing is accessible in your home in this list, you can in any case find the best home solutions for wisdom tooth pain. Ice pack can be applied appropriately on your cheeks to ease the pain and inflammation caused by this issue. This should last around 15 minutes and you can reapply the same number of times as you need. However, take note that you should not use ice directly on the tooth since it can, most likely, worsen the circumstance.


Containing numerous important ingredients that are related with pain reduction, olive oil is extraordinary compared to other regular home remedies for wisdom tooth pain. It has been utilized for quite a long time to manage pain. You should utilize warm olive oil and apply it over your wisdom teeth a couple of times once a day. The outcome will be seen rapidly.


Black tea isn’t just a valuable drink to relax your stomach after big meals, yet in addition a decent normal treatment for wisdom tooth pain. It contains a few nutrients that can effectively heal swelling and painful feeling. It is suggested that you should take sips of some warm dark tea slowly. This will have a soothing affect on your wisdom teeth instantly.


This liquid has been widely utilized as a painkiller for a very long time because of its medicinal characteristics. You can likewise make use of it as a good solution amongst other regular home remedies for wisdom tooth pain that can act almost instantly. All you require is a cotton ball that is dunked in this vinegar and set over your wisdom teeth. Ten minutes is adequate time and you can repeat applying the vinegar 2-3 times each day.

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