Disturbance to Wildlife in Chitral Gol

Chitral Gol that is announced a national park is confronting some genuine dangers with the expansion in populace and absence of appropriate framework and plan set up by government associations assigned for the insurance of natural life in this territory. Chitral Gol National Park is a little wilderness that lies inside a little canyon of Chitral Gol stream which is encompassed by mountains secured with oak, pine and other wild trees.

There are diverse creatures in the wilderness including the renowned mountain goat Markhor that is the national animal of Pakistan.

Two significant issues rather dangers to the natural life in Chitral have begun to seem unnoticed. To begin with and most genuine is that of people i.e movement of tourists in the forest. The number of inhabitants in Chitral town has expanded, the addition to the number of vehicles in the zone in two decades has also drastically increased. A road up to the top of the bordering mountain Birmoghlasht used to exist since a century that was in the use of the former rules of the area and his concerned staff yet later this road has been extended to a small government cottage made right in the core of the Chitral Gol national park.

There is no eye-keeping on those people who visit that cottage in their jeeps, wagon or bikes consistently. A ring of vehicles can be seen hopping on the mountain and down all the day long and particularly on vacations that cottage in the wilderness turns into a family park.

Some troublemaker hippies of the town take off their silencers in their bikes and create a serious noise pollution in the wilderness who are never checked by anybody and a few groups can be seen going to these places at night which may cause disturbance.

Elders say that there used to be numerous types of creatures in the wilderness e.g Lynx, Hyenas, wild sheep and so forth that have turned out to be wiped out and some have diminished to extinction on account of these daily movements . These activities of people and machines has constrained the creatures to escape to different lands.

The people who live close to the road leading to the national park say that hundreds of jeeps and bikes can be seen climbing up to the top on daily basis. In most recent two decades meandering street dogs have made their way into the wilderness and that to have transformed into wild dogs.

These dog move in the wilderness in pack and from time to time attack wild creatures. At night, these dogs climb down to the town looking for food. They could be heard barking and howling the whole night.

Some serious attention is needed to decrease the number of vehicles entering the national park especially Birmoghlasht. In this way, hiking can be promoted in the area. Regarding the issue of wild dogs, TMA can take necessary measures wipe them out.

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