A Short History of Chitral and Wakhan

The two valleys start nearly at a similar knot in the south of Pamir and run parallel for around 200km and afterward Wakhan valley opens to north just underneath Qazi Deh while Chitral swings to south and joins the areas of Dir and Swat. The topographical area of Chitral had confounded the British Indian Authorities for its passes and befuddling goads and their Russo-fear made them relatively crazy to stop Tzarist infiltration into Hindu Kush district and her conceivable seizure of the passes that is the reason they endeavored wild endeavors to achieve Chitral before the Russians did and discover the routes that had been being used between Chitral, Badakhshan and Wakhan since time immemorial.

The eastern most pass that opens into the wellspring of Oxus stream is Darwaza pass in the east of Boroghil which is additionally used to reach south Pamir. The second in this arrangement is Boroghi pass which isn’t a high one and furthermore sufficiently plain for military and touristic exercises. There are couple of settlements in that piece of the Oxus valley while the Chitral side of Boroghil is sufficiently prolific which had pulled in the pastoralist of Wakhan and crossed the pass to graze their flocks in the Chitral side of Boroghil for which they paid assessment in the state of sheep to the legislative leader of Mastuj called ” Kafpuli” yet the Wakhi shepherds backpedaled to their own side of Boroghil in harvest time and after the Communist revolution in 1917 a decent number of Wakhi refugees crossed the pass to look for haven here which was permitted by the Mehtar of Chitral and consequently the Wakhi refugees became part of Chitrali community. After Boroghil pass the following pass as specified in the records is Kan Khun pass simply above Yarkhun Lasht yet a difficult one and also higher than Boroghil. Different passes encourage west are altogether glaciated and not any more passable as this piece of Hindu Kush is known as Eastern Hindu Kush is the most astounding in the entire chain and there is no exit or section point till Chap Aan toward the finish of Arkari valley took after by Nuqsan, Khatinza, Akram and Durah. The latter was utilized as a business course in summer all through the historical backdrop of Chitral till the Taliban hold in the current pass and now stands sealed.

The Durah pass was utilized as a part of summers routinely and Badakhshi and Tajik exchange Caravans brought salt, , rugs, horses, carpets, Russian chint materials, Zerah, Salajeet, opium and so forth into Chitral market and stayed in the Sarai built in the Bazaar for that reason and purchased tea, sugar, spices and so forth. Sale of Lapiz was a later expansion while buy of Orpiment ( yellow arsenic) mined in upper Chitral was likewise one of the primary things that was carried to Kabul and this item was later sold to shippers from India when the Kabul market was shut. Food imports over these passes into Chitral was not normal nor it was sold to them as there was a deficiency of food in either side of the Hindu Kush. The local food items were not really adequate for the tenants who lived on subsistence cultivating and deal was unrealistic. Completed merchandise, for example, floor coverings, rugs or Chitrali Patti were much looked for by the two sides that improved the fabricate and offer of the local cottage industry. Ladies did diligent work in making of these things so raw material was to be raised and herding was promoted for supply of the raw material and to add to their sustenance supply of sheep. Yaks were likewise utilized by the Wakhi community in Boroghil to supply local items over Darkhot pass into upper Yasin valley ( also known as Selgan) and they brought back tea, flavors and food items on yaks over a similar pass. Wakhi community only from time to time paid visits to Chitral city as it is a long separation and Yasin markets is a short one; and this exchange was a little one contrasted with the exchange over Durah pass into Chitral and Garum Chashma markets. Henceforth effects of Badakhshan and Wakhi culture and dialect are more unmistakable in the way of life of these valleys of Chitral incorporating opium compulsion in the outskirt regions of Boroghil and upper Lotkuh valleys. The passes between Nooristan and Kalash valleys of Chitral have not been utilized for exchange but rather to maraud and kidnappings that made life troublesome for the Kalash community as their livestock and flocks were rolled over the passes and couldn’t be recovered which is as yet a cerebral pain for the tenants.

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