Kalash Spring Festival Begins from 14th in Chitral

Arrangements for the up and coming Chilim Jusht festival are going all out as the local individuals have propelled the cleanliness drive, while the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) experts have intended to set up a tent village to encourage the tourists during the occasion at the scenic Kalash valley in Chitral.

This year the locals are extremely eager and are restlessly sitting tight for the festival to praise it in a befitting way. They have begun a cleanliness drive a long time before the beginning of the occasion.

The celebration, which will commence on May 14 at the three Kalash valleys of Bumburet, Birir and Rumbur, marks the arrival of summer season and gives a chance to the tourists to witness the way of life of the Kalash tribe.

The people of Kalash tribe commend the celebration while performing the customary music and drumbeats. They thank god Goshidai as they believe it protects their herds during spring and summer seasons.

Young ladies and young men sing and dance in groups in their community halls. Houses are enlivened and the Kalash individuals wear new dresses that are particularly arranged for the occasion. Main feature of the celebration is the choice of getting married for unmarried young men and young ladies.

Last year, the TCKP had set up a tent village for the visitors. The office pulled in countless to the festival. A tent village will likewise be set up this year too besides providing conceivable help to the Kalash tribe so that the they could revive their traditions and perform their religious customs.

As per coordinators, Kalash people were seen shopping for the festival in the Chitral bazaar while in the valleys they were caught up with planning traditional dresses for the celebration. The Kalash young ladies spent luxuriously on buying dresses and adornments for this occasion and the event is being used to show off their financial status.

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