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Photographer Mir Sajid Ahmed from Chitral Pakistan

A young boy from Chitral, Pakistan Mir Sajid Ahmed is always making ascertained choices and one of his most difficult has been to intentionally side-line his business studies for photography, all together as he says, to ‘wander into the light of potential I could feel development inside me’. Dissimilar to other countries where photography has a backbone of its own, in Pakistan the photography is considered to be a substantially lesser attractive; outside of wedding photography it has redundant interest and Sajid is aware of modifying such engrained preconception.

Throughout the previous years, birds have been his prime core interest. He has captured some stunningly wonderful shots of transient flying creatures in his neighborhood, which are seldom found in Chitral. Additionally, he has documented numerous events with still photographs across the area. He goes with the name of “Sajid Tasveerography” on social media.

How and when did you first step into the photography career?

From the time I was studying in university, I had been cooperating on different activities with my fellow amateur photographers. Professionally my first venture was working on a small photo-shoot project for The Langlands School and College . However, as a photographer, I did my first professional photography session for Chitral Police and now I am working as their official photographer. The rest is history.

What do you think about photography?

To me, photography is more like a passion rather than a profession.

How do you take those beautiful shots?

Photography, in general, is about pre-visualization and planning. A large portion of my pictures are pre-imagined and properly planned and I go after those ideas and capture. There is a huge contrast between taking photographs and making photographs. Anybody can take a photograph, but to make a photograph requires a considerable measure of knowledge, both on the technical areas of photography and your subject. The technical can be done prior to the photo-shoot while some factors depend on the subject and the opportunity you get.

Any tips for aspiring nature photographers?

Being Chitrali, we come across a lot of opportunities to capture the moments which no one has ever seen. There are two important points to become a great nature photographer.

  1. You need to understand the technical aspects of photography. The best out there know the core concepts of capturing photographs and they never make a technical mistake in their photographs.
  2. The second important point is to become a naturalist first. As our place is the gifted with natural boundaries including mountains, rivers, greenery and wildlife so without exploration photography is very difficult to pursue.
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